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Devlet Opera ve Bale

He was born in Ardahan, Turkey on July 4, 1964. Due to his father's profession, he continued his first, middle and higher education in different Anatolian cities. He went up to the Ankara State Conservatory to study singing in 1981. After the regular four-year program he also completed a two-year upper program and graduated in 1987. Same year he started to work in Ankara State Opera and Ballet as soloist. Until today, he performed many leading roles in more than 40 operas, operettas and musicals. In additionto his works in Opera, he also participated as a dancer and singer in the show named 'Anafor/Swirl' of Modern Dance Ensemble, a dance platform of Ankara State Opera and Ballet. He also performed as an actor in plays of Ankara State Theater, which are; 'Giordano Bruno' and 'Havada Bulut Yok/ No Clouds in the Sky'. Besides, he acted in two productions of Yeni Tiyatro, a private theater company in Ankara; 'Hangi Parti Kazanacak?/ Which Party Will Won?' and 'Kahramanlar Hep Erkek/Heroes are Always Men' In early 1980's he composed music for several amateur theater ensembles. Some of these groups are 'Sahne Tiyatrosu', 'Barış'ın Dostları Tiyatrosu' and 'De Tiyatro'. He also gave voice and breathing trainings for the performers of these groups. He composed music for some documentaries of Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT). After 1990, he started to work on 'Anatolian Folk Music', which was his leading field of interest before his Conservatory education, leading this amateur interest to a professional occupation. For 19 years, he performed at several special activities and festivals of the unions, associations, non-governmental organizations and municipalities, including memorial ceremonies for Turkish intellectuals we lost. Ufuk Karakoç follows as a hard liner the path of Ruhi Su, a great Turkish Musician who made important contributions to our own music for reaching its current level. Combining the universal singing techniques with authentic manners, he contributed the presentation of our music in several European and Far East countries through various cultural activities and fair-promotion organizations arranged by State Ministries and private sector organizations. Together with dance performer Gülüm Pekcan, he performs a series of events under the name of 'Türkülerle Dans/Dance with Turkisk Folk Songs', an experimental performance combining rhythm and theme richness of our folk music with the art of dance which is an inseparable part of the music. He released his first music album 'Bir Türküdür Anadolu' in 1998, which was followed by the second album named 'Ömrüm Ayrılıktır' in October 2001, produced by Sakman Production Company of valuable Turkish musician Vedat Sakman. In 2005 theater season he performed in the play named 'Pir Sultan Abdal' of 'Tiyatro Ayna'. Since 2006, Ufuk Karakoç has been continuing his profession as soloist in İstanbul State Opera and Ballet and his private concerts and tours in different cities continue intensely.