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Devlet Opera ve Bale

How to buy a ticket?​​

For which cities you can buy ticket for?

Your can buy tickets for the stages in Ankara, İstanbul, İzmir, Mersin, Antalya and Samsun Directorates.

What is the membership?

It is an easy membership system providing you to follow all the process. A form should be filled and to the e-mail address you registered, a membership number will be sent. This number and your password is enough to buy tickets on the website.

Which parts of the stage is reserved for the ticket selling?

All the seats are available for buying online. Box offices and online users are allowed to purchase all the available seats.

In every log in, you can only buy from one definite section. For example you are not able to buy tickets at the same time from “Hall (net)” “Hall (discounted)”, you have to buy respectively.

On the icon of the seat, the number and letter of the seat will apear.

When will be the tickets launched?

Up untill the plays’ starting hour, tickets will be available for sale.​​​​​​​​

How can I get the hard copy of the tickets?

You can have the tickets from any box offices of the State Opera and Ballet right after your purchase is completed. It is advised you to receive hard copy of the tickets up untill 15 minutes of the play’s starting hour. On the time of the performance, hardship can be experienced while trying to receive hard copy of the tickets? Showing ID is a must while receiving hard copy of the tickets. You have to state while purchasing online, if the ticket owner is different than the person completing the purchase.

Purchasing The Ticket

You have filled the form and received the membership number. After filling the membership number and password, click login. Once you log in, membership info will be shown. After clicking purchase the ticket, move on to the related section. Choose the city, the performance. Checking the stage plan, you will see the available seats and able to buy as many as on the condition that seats are from the same section. When a seat is clicked, it becomes green. If you click the seat again, green becomes invalid. If the seat is purchased by another person, seat will turn into an icon and will be removed from the list of your seats. On this situation please check your seats again. As you choose the seats, the fee for Adult and Discouted will be listed. You can change the numbers of the tickets according to yourself. (Discounted tickets are reserved for students and retired.) After fullfilling the choosing the seats, on the left side make the necessary changes for the Adult and Discouted fee. After clicking confirm, continue the process. Number of the seats you choose (green coloured) and the numbers you enter Adult and Discounted sections should be the same. Otherwise the transaction will not be allowed to continue.

Choosing multiple seats at one time

As instructed above, every time you can choose one or two/three seats. If you want to buy 8-10 tickets, then follow these steps: ​​​​​​​​
First of all, state the numbers of the tickets related parts as Adult and Discounted. For example 4 Adults and 6 discounted. Then for the group of seats you would like to buy, click on the seat which is on the very left. You will see 10 seats are selected (if there is enough space). If the number is not enough, try clicking on the very left of another row of seats.

Paying the fee

After confirming chosen seats, credit card number expiration date as month and year should be typed. Upon approving the info, you will be informed on the purchase of the tickets, on the condition that everything is ok. Otherwise a warning will Show up on the screen.​​

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