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Devlet Opera ve Bale
Göbekli Tepe



1. Ibn-Hakia's arioso, Iolanta - P. I. Tchaikovsky
2. 'Otchego eto prezhde ne znala?' Iolanta's arioso - P. I. Tchaikovsky
3. 'Vy mne pisali' Onegin's aria, Eugene Onegin - P. I. Tchaikovsky
4. Prilepa & Milovzor duet, Pique Dame - P. I. Tchaikovsky
5. 'Ne Poy, Krasavitsa Pri Mne' Op.4 No.4 - S. Rachmaninov
6.'Polyubila ya na pechal svoyu' Op.8 No.4 - S. Rachmaninov
7. 'O net, molyu, ne uhodi' 6 Songs, Op.4 No.1 - S. Rachmaninov
8.Laura's first song, The Stone Guest - A. Dargomyzhsky
9. Bülbül - N. R. Korsakov
10. Skaji zachem? - M. I. Glinka
11. Vocalise Op.34 No.14 - S. Rachmaninov
12. Don Juan's Serenade - P. I. Tchaikovsky
13. 'Zdes' khorosho' Op.21 No.7 - S. Rachmaninov
14. Odelas' tumanami Sierra Nevada - A. Dargomyzhsky
15. 'Payu tibe, bokh Gimeney!' Epitelama, Neron - A. Rubinstein