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Devlet Opera ve Bale
Göbekli Tepe


An American called John comes to a small Greek village and falls in love with the widow Marina as he takes a fancy to the traditions that he wants to a part of. Villagers argue against Marina falling in love with a stranger by ignoring the love of the young handsome man from the village. The only friend of John is Zorba who has no relatives, but he is a powerful and free man. John and Marina can live their love thanks to Zorba. However, the villagers try to protect their unity and traditions. When Zorba saves miserable John from the hands of angry villagers, Marina becomes a victim of the crowd desiring revenge. Zorba becomes weary of life and he revives to life again by dancing Sirtaki. John and the other people dance, too. Everybody seeks for consolation, forgiveness and vitality for a new life.