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Devlet Opera ve Bale
Göbekli Tepe


Cleveland Grand Opera Assembly will perform the Verdi's Othello. Henry Saunders, the director of the Assembly makes a deal with the famous tenor Tito Merelli in order to attract the audience. All the tickets, which were quite expensive, are sold out; and all the preparations for the cocktail party after the show are completed. Tito Merelli is very excited about the general rehearsal that will begin at noon, and the premier at the evening. This will be the first time for the famous tenor to take the stage in US. Maggie, the daughter of Saunders and his assistance Max are continuing waiting at the suite of a big hotel, reserved for Tito Merelli. Saunders enters the suite. Tito is late and they get anxious. The ringing phone bell is the messenger of the first problem in the opera. When the tension had increased thoroughly the phone bell rings for good news. Tito Merelli has arrived to the hotel, but not alone as it was expected. He had brought with his wife Maria and a series of surprises. While Saunders and Max are trying to set the things right Saunder's daughter Maggie, Cleveland Grand Opera´s soprano Diana, Opera Association Chairman Julia and the Bellboy of the hotel were stirring up new troubles. With the harmonic run of love, friendship, weaknesses and relations based on self-interest, funny events continues.