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Devlet Opera ve Bale
Göbekli Tepe


The story begins with a fire that breaks out in İstanbul.

Ali of Eğrikapı (a district of İstanbul) leader of the fire-brigade, and his men enter the scene. A news-vendor boy yells out to announce that the heir apparent to Austria was assasinated and the incident triggered the First World War. Right at this moment, the news arrived that Çavuş Avni baba, a loyal firend of Ali, was killed in his coffee-house by Arif the Rowdy, a rival of Ali. Çavuş tells in his will that he entrusted his daughter Zeliha, to whom he gave the name 'Queen', and his coffee-haouse to Ali.

Ali and Zeliha fell in love with each other. A wandering florist woman Uğurböceği (Ladybug) is putting on carnations to Ali, in order to bring him luck. Ladybug's daughter lives in Spain and supposes her mother as one of the rich, smart set of people living in İstanbul. Ladybug has, for long, been telling fake stories and deceiving her on letters with the letter head of 'Pera Palace' of İstanbul which she pinched from the Hotel. But when she learned that she was coming back to İstanbul to get betrothed to the son of a Spanish Count, she is collapsed. In the meantime Ali and Arif the Rowdy have defied each other.


With the enforcing of Zeliha, Ali leads and gets Ladybug and his vaga bonds settled in Pera Palace. A plot was schemed to be displayed for Ladybug and the Spanish Count.

The musical ends with the final wedding scene. In the meantime Ottoman Empire has been dragged into the war. Wrapped in free - for - alls, entertainment, indifference and being heedless, public is not aware of the situation the country is immersed in.