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Devlet Opera ve Bale



Don Quichotte, who is engrossed in the world of dreams among the epic boks, believes that he should save the life of a person in order to be a hero. He saves Dulcinea, whom he wants to win the love of, from the bandits and becomes a knight having been sanctified. He rides on his horse and sets out to Sevilla with Sancho Panza, his male servant, to help more people as a hero.


Scene 1

There is a public celebration in a ground in Sevilla. Kitri,the young and beautiful daughter of Lorenzo, the bar keeper, and Basil, her sweetheart and the barber, are among the crowd. Lorenzo does not like Basil playing court to his daughter. Lorenzo wants his daughter to get married to a rich man. The rich man that he chooses for Kitri is Gamaj, a sophisticated person with dignified attitudes. Kitri, who opposes to this marriage, decides to escape with Basil. While the fun continues, Don Kishot and Sancho Pancho appear. Don Quichotte is deeply affected from the beauty of Kitri and finds the mysterious Dulcinea in his dreams. Kitri and Basil, who make use of the confusion during the public celebation, escape by the help of the people.

Scene 2

Lorenzo and Gamaj start to pursue Kitri and Basil. There upon, Don Quichotte and Sancho decide to help the young lovers. Don Quichotte finds them in a gypsy camp. Don Quichotte, who is engrossed in the world of dreams, sees the windmills as monsters and declares war against the windmills to protect Kitri. He is defeated in this war and falls down injured as a result of hit by the windmills. By the mean time, Kitri and Basil get away.

Scene 3

Unconcious Don Quichotte dreams again and the scenes with extraordinary beauty pass in front of his eyes and he is engrossed in a world of dream where there is Dulcinea in it.

Scene 4

When it is the morning, all dreams end and Don Quichotte again finds the windmills against him.


Scene 1

Mercedes,Espada, matadors and the people are having fun in the Tavern. Kitri and Basil are there as well. But, it is not long when the cheerfulness ends after the angry father and unexpected candidate groom come. Although Kitri and Basil try to hide them, they are eventually caught. Lorenzo takes Kitri to Sevilla in spite of all oppositions.

Scene 2

The wedding of Kitri and Gamaj is held in a ground of Sevilla. Basil comes during the ceremony and reminds Kitri of their oath made to each other for love. He demonstrates a false scene of suicide thinking that he has not found any response to his love. And his last wish is to marry Kitri. Lorenzo does not accept it. Don Quichotte, who is very upset with what happens, challenges Lorenzo, as he has not fullfilled the last wish of a man dying. Lorenzo agrees to the marriage of Kitri and Basil. Basil puts an end to the game that he has played, and Kitri and Basil marry in a great ceremony held in the presence of the priest. The story has a happy end.