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Devlet Opera ve Bale



On Christmas night at Clara's house, a grand ball was organized, as it was every year. A magnificent Christmas tree, adorned with sweets and decorations, glittered in the center of the hall. The cozy fireplace warmed the house, and chestnuts were being prepared in front of it. Clara's uncle, Drosselmayer, had prepared a special surprise for her this night. When Drosselmayer arrived at the ball, all the children joyfully ran towards him because they were eagerly anticipating the magic tricks he had prepared for them this year.

As the ball continued with delight, it was time to open the presents. Clara's brother, Fritz, eagerly awaited his gift. When her uncle presented Clara with her gift, she couldn't believe her eyes - her uncle had given her the Nutcracker. Clara joyfully kissed her uncle, took her toy and ran to her friends. Fritz was very jealous of his sister's gift. All the children opened their presents and continued to enjoy the festivities. As the guests slowly left at the end of the night, Clara ran to her uncle, insisting he stay. Clara, taking the Nutcracker with her, went to her room to sleep. At midnight, when the clock struck 12, Clara heard noises from downstairs. Holding the Nutcracker in her arms, she descended to the hall in coriosity and couldn't believe her eyes. Mice were everwhere. When the mice saw her, hey rushed to surround her, and Clara, in fear, tried to protect the Nutcracker. Suddenly, something unexpected happened. The Nutcracker's soldiers entered through the door and started to fight the mice.

The Nutcracker fell from Clara's hand in the midst of the battle. At this moment, King Mouse appeared to destroy the soldiers. Clara, bewildered by the fear of her toy breaking, didn't know what to do. At this point, Drosselmayer appeared and, with his magic, turned the Nutcracker into the Nutcracker Prince. The Nutcracker Prince and King Mouse started to fight. Seeing that the mice were pulling at Clara's nightgown and surrounding her, the Nutcracker Prince, fearing for Clara's safety, attacked King Mouse with one last effort and killed him. Understanding that they lost the battle, all the mice, including King Mouse, fled through the holes. The Nutcracker Prince had saved Clara. After this great victory, as the Nutcracker Prince and Clara danced, Drosselmayer sent them on a journey to a magical world between fantasy and reality.


The Nutcracker Prince and Clara watched the dances of the swirling snowflakes in the Land of Snow as a grand door opened, revealing the world of sweets behind it. Stepping through this magical door. The Nutcracker Prince and Clara entered the Kingdom of the Sweets. The world was filled with candies, flowers, and various different dolls. They were greeted by the Fairy of the Sweets. The Nutcracker Prince excitedly narrated their journey to the Fairy of the Sweets. The Fairy of the Sweets introduced them to other dolls. The Spanish doll bowed with her fan in hand. The Chinese doll jumped and greeted them. The Russian doll welcomed them with somersaults. The flowers released their delightful fragrances as they swayed. The Nutcracker Prince and Clara happily expressed their delight and immersed themselves in the magical dance of this enchanted world.