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Devlet Opera ve Bale


Desire, Passion, Love and Courage ' CARMEN '

(Adaptation from Prosper Merimee's novel )

In the Carmen ballet, conveying to the stage , to the visual arena with the music of Bizet the events developing around Carmen and her inner world by means of the mode of articulation of choreography brings along the necessity of a genuine work of dramaturgy . In the process of implementation of the choreography to the stage the fears , the anxieties to the Carmen character find their expression in an imaginary milieu.
Don Jose is a soldier working in the name of the king assigned to impede smuggling. He falls in a hopeless love with Carmen at first sight and start tol ive with gypsies alongside Carmen. However , after a while Carmen falls in love with the idol of Spain, the legendary matador Escamillo. Carmen deserting Don Jose goes to Seville to find Escamillo. Don Jose following her, can not bear to be rejected by Carmen again whom he graped outside of the arena kils her by stabbing a knife into her heart

CARMEN Performances Dates
27 November 2010
30 November 2010

Among the factory girls out for lunch, there is Carmen attracting and enticing all men with her charm and beauty. Carmen starts to fight. She insolently teases her fellow workers. Eventually, she fights with one of the girls and stabs her. Carmen feels her act calls death as she had seen it in her divination.Soldiers are invited and Carmen is interrogated but Carmen is determined to keep silent. Don Jose is ordered to take Carmen to prison. Carmen, using all her charm to regain her freedom tries to deceive Don Jose making a pledge to meet him at the tavern of Lillas Pastia if he helps her to escape. Finally not able to resist her, he connives her escape. Remained all by himself he considers the weirdness of his conduct. Ay Lillias Pastia's tavern people, gypsies, smugglers and soldiers are entertaining themselves. Carmen is amongst them. Don Jose knowing the place of pledge comes there without being seen to anyone. During while Escamillo the toreador entering in is met with vigor by his admirers. Girls encircle Escamillo but his all interest is on Carmen. In the meantime, smugglers gathered in the tavern make a new plan of smuggling. They try to draw Carmen among them to distract the guards on the border. In this course of time, Mikaela, the friend of Don Jose from the village has come to bring news from his village to Don Jose. Don Jose welcomes Mikaela. Astonished to the attitude of Carmen towards Escamillo shows an instant reaction. By interference of soldiers and Carmen a fight about to start is avoided. Feeling deserted Michaela in despair drifts away running from the tavern. Carmen dancing for Don Jose dazzles him. She takes him to her room and they spend the night together. In the room Carmen convinces Don Jose to go to the mountains with the smugglers and stay with them. Don Jose has no other choice but to join the smugglers.

Act II
The second day Mikaela learns all and tries to persuade Don jose to abandon his decision. Don Jose not considering Mikaela determines to go. Carmen witnesses all occured. Left alone Mikaela mourns for her love.The smugglers taking along Carmen and Don Jose go up to the mountains. Don Jose, in an event involved kills one of the smugglers. The angel of death appears once again.There is festival in the city square and bull fights are to be arranged. Young girls, men and children dance in anticipation of this event. Everybody waits fort he bull fights and especially Escamillo. The crowd filling the square meet Escamillo and Carmen with great joy. Escamillo and Carmen´s passionate dance full of love follows the dance of the matadors. Don Jose watching them becomes highly tempered because then he realizes that Carmen deceives him. As everybody goes to the arena Carmen and Don Jose remain tete-a-tete and Carmen rejecting all the pleading of Don Jose, demands either to release or to kill her and he kills Carmen.