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Devlet Opera ve Bale




Prologue - Sultan Shehriyar's Chamber Room
Scheherazade, sitting on the tip of the bed on the floor where Sultan Shehriyar sprawls, listening to her tales...

First Scene - Market Place
When Behram and Miraj leave palace to arrive to the vivacious market of glamorous draperies are on display, these brave young men, sons to Sultan Shah Levend are greeted by people cheerfully.Zohre, the daughter of the town's renowned Merchant Mahmud, throws herself to her lover Behram's arms with rapture. Then Sultan Shah Levend arrives to the market place to take his sons for hunting when he comes across with Merchant Mahmud. Sultan, catches the fancy of the robe the merchant wears so he offers Sultan to give the robe as a present from him. Sultan thanks him but turns him down and exits. Everyone dances with joy.

Second Scene - Palaca
When Sultan and his sons return from hunting; Sultan's guard Ebubekir, his dazzling daughter Zahara, her assistant Kevser Hatun and Havva Nur sit together with maidens. Sultan kisses Zahara on her forehead, he always considers her as a suitable spouse for his son Behram. Right then, Sultan's men carry inside what has been brought from hunting. While Behram and Miraj, talks with high spirits about their day at hunting Merchant Mahmud and his daughter Zohre arrive in the palace. The merchant presents Sultan a robe way more beautiful than what he actually liked at the market place. Sultan, involuntarily and only because of his son's wish accepts the robe. Zahara maddens, the man she loves is about to espouse someone else so she vows doing everything in her power hindering this marriage.

Third Scene - Sorcerer Sharani
At midnight Zahara together with her father Guard Ebu Bekir and Kevser Hatun, arrive secretly in Sorcerer Sharani's place. Zahara's plan is to have the sorcerer to cast a spell on the robe that Merchant tailored as a gift to the Sultan and later by holding him and his daughter Zohre accountable from Sultan Shah Levend's murder, cause them to be sent to prison. Sorcerer although rejects the idea, finds himself carrying out the deed. He pours the potion he prepared cautiously on the robe thus whoever wears it, will face a death in agony.


First Scene - The Wedding
Representatives of the countries invited for the wedding enter the yard with the presents they have for Sultan Shah Levend. While everyone is present, Behram and Zohre witness what happens before them with great ferment. Kevser Hatun presents the unique robe to Sultan. Seeing this glowing garment Miraj comes close, expresses his desire to put it on. Sultan does not turn him down and orders his men to get him dressed. Soon, Miraj collapses in agony falling down. Crowd is now horrified, Sultan Shah Levend apprehends the scene is caused by the poison clad robe and orders his men to throw the merchant and his daughter in dungeons. Next, he ordains that his elder son Behram to be married with Zahara. Sultan's men take the merchant and his daughter to dungeons while Behram and Zahara hold hands.

Second Scene - Palaca Dungeons
Zohre miserably awaits what lies ahead when the dungeon door opens wide. As Zahara appears, Zohre assumes she is there for help although this is clearly not the case. Zahara, confesses her plot, that she is in love with Behram and nothing stands in her way to get married with him. Hearing all this, Zohre is now devastated adjures to her, Zahara on the other hand turns a deaf ear with a smile on her face then leaves. Kevser Hatun witnessing all this, feels sick at her heart and reveals all about it to Behram who comes to visit Zohre.

Third Scene - Final
All is ready for Zahara and Behram's wedding now. Zahara is on cloud number nine; finally achieves what she desires. While entertainment goes on with its fast pace, everyone halts dumbfounded when Behram stops them. Kevser Hatun comes in with the potion in her hands. Behram tells all about the plot then Sultan Shah Levend orders his men to imprison Zahara. Zahara begs for her life and asks for his forgiveness to no avail. When guards take her and her father, Guard Ebubekir to dungeons Zohre and Behram embrace each other.

At the dawn Scheherazade ends her story, halting...
Shehriyar, calls her forward then they fall asleep in each other's arms.