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Devlet Opera ve Bale
Göbekli Tepe




Sandor Barinkay who returns to a Hungarian village near to Timi?oara for retrieving inherited lands from his family, learns his lands be invaded by the pig farmer Zsupán. To bring back the lands Barinkay proposes marriage to Arsena, the daughter of Zsupán, but she is in love with Ottokar. Arsena rejects Barikay’s proposal under the pretext that the person she will marry should be a baron. The gypsy woman Czipra introduces Barinkay to the gypsies returned to the village. She explains that he is the real owner of the castle and the village. The gypsies greet him and present loyalty to their voivode. Now Barinkay is a baron. Barinkay so impressed from the beautiful gypsy girl Saffi, expresses that he gives up to marry Arsena and decides to marry Saffi. While the gypsies are proud of this choice, Zsupán and Arsena think as an insult to themselves. The commissar Carnero tells that this marriage is against to the tradition and that it is impossible to marry a vagrant gypsy for a landowner.