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Devlet Opera ve Bale
Göbekli Tepe




1st ACT

The Ottoman Empire assign Kemal Reis to help The Andalusian Muslims. Kemal Reis departs with his nephew Muhiddini Piri who will be known Piri Reis later. In these journeys, Muhiddin Piri begins to take notes which will be resource for his world maps and for his Kitab-ı Bahriye (The Book of Navigation) which will go down in the maritime history of the world. After his historical success in conquests, he is called “Piri Reis”. Piri Reis who lives in seclusion for a while after losing Kemal Reis in a marine accident, begins to draw the First World Map by uniting his notes and information. Attending to the Egypt Expedition of Sultan Selim The Grim, Piri Reis sees the Egyptian beauty Amunet and they fall in love. The brother of Amunet, Osahar, goes mad when he learns his sister loves an enemy and he tries to kill Piri Reis. Piri Reis gets rid of the attack at the last moment and returns full of sorrow to his homeland.

2nd ACT

After Sultan Süleyman The Magnificent comes to the throne, he gives to him the title of “Derya Beyi”(The Mister of The Sea). The ship of Piri Reis yaws because of a sudden storm in an expedition which he attends to with The Grand Vizier Pargalı İbrahim Pasha and he saves adroitly his almost sinking ship. Understanding how a great sailor Piri Reis is, The Grand Vizier Pargalı İbrahim Pasha can’t wait to introduce him in Sultan Süleyman’s presence. At the mean time in Egypt, Amunet puts her love on paper. Feelings that don’t fit on her poor little heart, flood to the letter. Just then her brother Osahar enters to her room and wants to prevent her. Far away at the great ceremony in Topkapi Palace, Piri Reis presents his finished book “Kitabı Bahriye” to the sultan. He describes all details of the world map and other maps, the lifestyles in the other continents, his drew stories and events in the book. Sultan Süleyman awards a ring to him. But the punishment comes rapidly: Amunet died for the sake of love. In the delusion between hope and hopelessness Piri takes leave of Amunet. Before the eternal meeting he says goodbye to his love for the last time. Believing that when the day come he will meet her again in the peace of leaving great values behind him…