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Devlet Opera ve Bale
Göbekli Tepe




Kanlı Nigar is an anonymous story which appeared at the first time in the traditional Turkish shadow puppet theatre Karagöz taken its definitive form on 17th century. Than it used frequently in Ortaoyunu (The traditional form of Turkish theatre performed in the open). Kanlı Nigar adapted to the theatre or the cinema in many different ways until today, meets with the audience as a musical. By the early 1900s, in the one of the Istanbul’s ordinary neighbourhoods. Nigar and the women under the auspices of her move to a new neighbourhood. Trying to live without any man’s aid as a peddler and a fortune teller, Nigar and her entourage have been a source of curiosity for the neighbours. Haydar, one of the dwellers of the neighbourhood, knew Nigar years ago. He warns Nigar to leave because he is afraid to being excluded by the neighbourhood if his harms done appear. However Nigar is not the little coward girl any longer. She wants to shame Haydar and to take her revenge on him.