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Devlet Opera ve Bale
Göbekli Tepe


Scene 1
The work begins with a clash between children and nieces of the two families in feud named Capulets and Montagues. Montagues' only son Romeo stays out of the fight as deeply stuck with the dolor of 'love'. Romeo senses the deep-seated fire as he has a crush on Rosaline. He is bereft therefore avoids everyone and keeps in touch only with his loyal and honest couisin Benvolio. His blunt and loudmouth friend Mercutio encourages him to forget his love and amuse himself. Lady Capulet and Tybalt in the meantime have their affair far from eyes. The next day after the clash, when they hear a party to be held at the Capulets they decide to attend to it behind their masks as their disguise. Romeo has a dream a night before, a harbinger of his own death. That is why he argues the party is baleful and why they should not go until the very last minute when he surrenders to his fate and joins his friends.

Scene 2
That night the fate of Romeo and two families in feud change. Romeo together with Montagues', Capulets' and then the daughter and the son of the whole Verona community... On one hand enamored Romeo and their first encounter with Juliet, on the other Tybalt's repressed hate when he spots Romeo...

Scene 3
Juliet's Room
Juliet recounts her nanny the young man she meets. Her nanny, her reliable confidant is unaware that the young man is in fact Romeo and therefore overlooks their meeting. That night love emerges from hate thus two juveniles pushes away the 'hatred' taught by their families. For them from then on, only 'love' towards fineness is left behind.

Scene 4
The next day, they wed in secret with the assistance of Friar Lawrence who thinks this to be a snap decision nonetheless resolves to unite these two as the only way out to cure the hatred running in both families.

Scene 5 Juliet's Room
Juliet lets Romeo sneak into her room. Young lovers live their love in seclusion.

Scene 6
Right on the same day they marry, Romeo and his lover try to stop the fight between Mercutio and Tybalt only to cause a worse result. Mercutio gets injured and dies cursing spells over both families. Romeo challenges Tybalt to revenge his friend who dies because of him and kills Tybalt while Benvolio expels his friend.

Scene 7
Juliet's Room
Juliet unceasingly cries upon hearing what goes on but laments more of Romeo's expel than Tybalt's death. To console her sorrow, they want Juliet marry young, rich and aristocrat Paris from the Capulets only in two days. Juliet objects to this decision, runs off to Friar Lawrence in no time.

Secene 8
Upon seeing that Juliet ventures death deliberately, he gives her a potion that makes her play dead for 42 hours. Juliet appreciates and accepts the suggestion.

Scene 9
Juliet's Room
Juliet drinks the potion and plays dead. Nanny calls for everyone to Juliet's room in panic. They pu Juliet in the cellar and mourn for her.

Right about then Romeo hears Juliet's death, he arrives in the cellar. After bidding her farewell for the last time, he drinks the poison. Juliet wakes up to see lifeless Romeo and thus wants to drink the rest of the poison only to see nothing is left. She then plunges the dagger into her heart and falls over Romeo's dead body.

As the sole witness of this love, Friar Lawrence makes the lover meet before God.