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Devlet Opera ve Bale
Göbekli Tepe


Ahmet Adnan Saygun

Yunus Emre

For Soloist, Choir and Orchestra

3 Parts

Op. 26

Yunus Emre Oratorio consists of three main parts and a connector between the second and third part. The theme of the oratorio handles Yunus Emre's various studies against matters of life, death, God and humanity's destiny and eventually his reach 'the Reunion with lover'.

Part I: In this part which consists of five pieces, we see the Yunus Emre as a life lover, thinker of death, who does not know anything about the afterlife and who weeps for not knowing (No. 1, 2, 3). Why does he weep? He weeps because it is impossible to change his destiny and there is nothing to do but to

Part 2: In this part which consists of five pieces, we see Yunus Emre's rebel against God the creator of mankind, universe and their destinies. However, his heart which hold on him to the life surrounds Yunus Emre's self. 'O, heart what've you become, what? Feeling grieved is your labor. What are thou doing? And a sound coming from unknown lands invites Yunus Emre to the land of the lover: 'Come you heart, let's go to the Lover´…But where is the path? There is no path but to resort to God.

Connector Part: In this connector part which consists of one recitative, we see Yunus Emre who has attained God's love, yet away from 'Enthusiasm´. Yunus Emre has found love, but has not gained tranquility.

Part 3: In the third part which consists of two pieces, we find Yunus Emre who has reached the Lover and prepared to give his last breath. The first part is made up of verses and quatrains of Yunus Emre´s poetry.