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Devlet Opera ve Bale


The menace kid of Şekeronya(Candyland), Fırıldak (Whirligig) has fled from his homeland only to find himself stuck on a net in the garden of an old house where he meets with two friends named Zeytin (Olive) and Tombiş (Chubby) as he tries to break loose. Two friends help Fırıldak get away from the net. Fırıldak mocks them after his survival but soon after an idea hits him. He would need the book to re-enter his homeland Şekeronya. His ticket for returning to Şekeronya is actually the book. This is a fairy land where all story characters live; Talking animals, dancing flowers, singing stars, houses made up of chocolate, rivers of candies. Zeytin and Tombiş are thrilled so they accept a journey to fairyland thus the adventure begins.