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Devlet Opera ve Bale
Göbekli Tepe



The first years of the 1900s, one of the Istanbul neighborhoods living their own lifes ... Two people come to Hamdi's Barber Shop which is the meeting point of the residents of the neighborhood and where passers-by, cheerful and considered stop by in the morning. They look for a widow who they claim is owe money to them. These are Persian rug merchant Nukud and baker Lazar Dursun. Barber Shop's Lazy apprentice Naji, cute old man was Mustafa, the neighborhood's rich Haidar, Barber Hamdi cannot get understanding with Dursun and Nukud and cannot learn the name of the women they look for. As two friends leave Haidar starts to sing a song saying that women should not live alone the salvation of the neighborhood and the guarantee of the honor. Haidar says so but the others do not agree with him. Time is changing, life is being renewed. In the meantime with the entering of gypsies the atmosphere turns into a lively and cheerful tone. These are Nigar, her daughter Letafet, her forewoman Setaret, hapless Nefaset and dumb Ulfet who are peddlers and fortune teller as well to earn their lives. It is a time when the streets begin to be crowded. People who want to speak to a fortune teller with the curiosity about the future come together. The residents are always suspicious against to these women who is not similar to them but laces in the bags and fortune telling by looking in the hands creates a warm atmosphere. Nigar and Hamdi who catch each other's eye in this warm atmosphere notices and remember each other. On the other hand Haidar sees Nigar and likens to someone familiar from years ago. When the time comes for the girls to go, Setaret the force man shouts saying 'There's someone on the roof!' and distracts the attention of the crowd and the girls take colored sheets. Meanwhile Nigar'ın daughter Letafet and Haydar's son Hüsrev also see each other and are affected. Everyone wonders who these women who have recently mowed to the neighborhood. The same night, Nigar gives some advices to the girls about the challenge of living as a single women in a house opposite the Barber shop. She tells her story starting with going to a villa as a maid with a song. When the sleep time comes and everybody goes to their rooms, letafet has a heart -to-heart talk with Setaret; in the barber shop opposite to them, Husrev does the same talk with Hamdi. Feelings of young love are united in the same song. At the end of the scene, Hamdi, talking to his apprentice Nuri, waits for a suitable partner, a love. After the midnight and everybody goes to home, Haydar comes silently in front of Nigar's door. He is suspected about whether one of the girls who have recently moved to neighborhood is Nigar, who was a maid at his mansion. Nigar gets angry with this question, stands in front of Haidar and expailns that she is the person he is looking for. Haidar fears if it emerges who nigar is and what he did to her and its negative affect on his image in the neighborhood. He warns Nigar to leave the neighborhood. However Nigar is not funky little girl any more. Now It is time to embarrass Haidar and take revenge from him, who she comes across by chance in a neighborhood that they have moved. She invites Haidar with her charm into her house, undresses him with help of the girls and throw him to the street with just underwear. Haidar who is in the street in the middle of the night is surprised. Just then he asks help from Hamdi who is passing by and tells him if he helps him to get his clothes back, he will give all valuable things in his pockets. Hamdi knocks the door hoping to earn some money and to see Nigar. But he will pay price for knocking the door of those women with a bad intention at that time of the night. He finds himsef with Haidar in a few minutes. Rumelian, the bully experienced the same. Nukud and Dursun do not do anything but make Haidar, Hamdi and Rumelian angry. The person who solves the situation is Nuri. Ulfet the beautiful dumb opening the door to Nuri quietly comes out, leaves he valuables in the pockets of the clothes into his palm and enters the house back. Nuri stares at the valuables in his hands fascinated. He understands that the girls has given her heart to him with the valuables. Nuri, wakes all the neighborhood up by cry shouting for having seen that his love for her has a respond. The first act ends as the residents come together.


One month later, in the afternoon in Kucuksu ... Letafet and Husrev, Haidar who comes after his son and Setaret who followed Letafet meet at the same song, the young speaks about the beauty of the love and the others speaks the impossibility of love. When they are alone, Husrev says that he makes a plan with a friend of him to kidnap Letafet. He asks her to come out of the house with her bag when she hears a dog barking three times and an owl whistling three times. It is a quiet afternoon in the neighborhood... First Hamdi, and then Nukud and Dursun comes in the Barber Shop with a hurry. They haven't found the widow they look for. They cannot understand and are not understood again... Haydar is very angry, for he has learnt that his son is in love with Nigar's daughter. The curiosity about these women living without men with them grow and various rumors are said. Nigar and girls go on living in neighborhood by imaging, despite everything. All of them has hard lives and a story about survival. Setaret tells her tragic story with a song. After everybody goes to their homes, Nigar visits Hamdi who is in thoughts in his shop. It comes clear that they know each other from time immemorial, they are in love inside, but life swept them away. NOw Nİgar is worried about his daughter who she has just learnt that she is in love. She tells her feelings with a song about motherhood. It is obvious that the tme will show what will happen... As soon as Nigar enters the house, Dursun and Nukud come and knock the door. Obviously they are not so well-intentioned and ask for 'other procedures' to collect their money from Nigar who they know is a widow. Exasperated Nigar takes first Nukud and Dursun and then Haidar whose mind is still with Nigar, put some drugs into their drinks and after they fell asleep leaves them in the middle of he street with their underwear and lay a sheet on them. Just after, with the loud shouts of Husrev who comes to kidnap Letafet, Letafet who changes her mind, and residents involving in the subject all residents in the neighborhood wake up. Happy ending is achieved with the converge of the young, Haidar has been punished and humiliated in the eyes of the parish. Curtain closes with a cheerful exemplary song.