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Devlet Opera ve Bale
Göbekli Tepe




Designed for the children, an interactive project OPERATUR was put into practice in Turkey at The State Opera and Ballet of Samsun at the first time on February, 2013.

In order to enable children to see not only what happened on the stage but also all phases of the production, unlike the other education events, the stage, the workshops and the study halls are used as a performance area in OPERATUR and the little students are welcoming by the performers at the entrance of the opera house and they take part in rehearsals and productions all around the opera and ballet building for about two hours.

Exploring the opera house as a participatory audience in a fun and educational play, children attend to the rehearsal of the orchestra in the study hall of the orchestra and get to know the instruments. While visiting the workshops the children meet the real workers and learn what they do and participate to the plays performed by the artists who accompanied to them in the workshops.

After watching the play prepared for them on the opera’s stage, children, who witnessed to the preparation phase of a work of ballet or opera before the meeting with the audience, write their feelings about the day they spent at The State Opera and Ballet of Samsun to the special designed cubic blackboard

Being the first interactive education event in Turkey OPERATUR, is presented by Şahan Gürkan, the choir singer of The State Opera and Ballet of Samsun and the text writer of the event as well. The music adaptation of the work was done by Bertan Rona.