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Devlet Opera ve Bale


Lucia di Lammermoor is a breath taking opera composed by Gaetano Donizetti that unfolds in the mystical lands of Scotland, where passion, betrayal, and destiny collide. In this gripping tale, a young and graceful Lucia Ashton falls deeply in love with a handsome young man, Edgardo, who has captured her heart. However, her family, preoccupied with wealth and social standing, plots to marry her off to another man. Betrayed and stripped of her love, Lucia’s fragile mental world descends into the depths of darkness. As ambition and greed grip the shattered heart of a woman, a tragic fate becomes inevitable.


A tempestuous storm envelops the Scottish moors, shrouding Ravenswood Castle in an ominous aura. Amidst the feuding clans, two young souls, Edgardo and Lucia, find themselves ensnared by the irresistible force of love. Like a passionate dance, their love rises above all obstacles, and they cling to each other with fervour.


Within the shadows of Ashton Castle, Lucia’s brother, Enrico, makes a fateful decision to secure their family’s name by arranging her marriage to another man. Like a cunning predator, driven by ambition and desire, Enrico employs every cunning strategy to lure Lucia into his treacherous trap.


In a dark forest, where even the stars bear witness to their anguish, Lucia walks on the precipice of love. Here, she learns the cruel truth of Enrico’s betrayal, her heart shaken and shattered. Yielding to the clutches of a cruel fate, Lucia submits herself, her spirit broken and lost.

In the wake of a wedding celebration, Lucia confronts the bitter realities born from her own heedlessness. Learning that her lost love, Edgardo, has returned, and determined to avoid a loveless union, Lucia discovers that time has turned against them, hurtling them toward a tragic end.