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Devlet Opera ve Bale


Time of dreams Time of flying the ideas to yesterday that is tomorrow all the times beyond the borders... flying from horizons and getting disappointed in the eyes of a child... Time of magic Time of New Year The clouds are passing at starry nights and the month opens the curtain at the airy horizons while revolving around the world and shows us the way of an imaginative theatre. Narrating to us the secret of New Year in a small city. Once upon a time. The sheet covering my eyes are opening and we are finding us in a crowd of enthusiastic people that are getting prepared to enjoy festival instantaneously.


The windows of the houses in the city are illuminated with candles. The holy night. The late visitors are rushing with Noel presents in their hands. Beyond, at the royal house, the entrance door is opening to invite the waiting visitors. A young girl that looks out through a bay window thoughtlessly is watching the old woman trying to sell the fried chestnuts under the trees. It starts snowing. The streets are empty now. By the meantime, the door opens again and the young girl that looks out through the window a short time ago invites the old seller in to spend the Christmas night with a warm family environment.

Act 1

Celebration A glittering room ornamented for the Christmas Day meets the visitors inside the house. The family of the young girl welcomes the old woman and tells the young girl named Clara to take her to the hot couch beside the fireplace. The glass doors are closed yet. The elderly of the family take their seats. The children and their friends are curiously and excitedly waiting for the secret surprise that has been promised just as their aunts and uncles. The godfather, Drosselmeyer, comes in. It is whispered on the grapevine that he may cast a spell some funnily and some mysteriously. Look! How the Christmas tree glitters. A lot of presents and a rich table... Have all of these things happened with the spell of Drosselmeyer? Or? A miraculous smile on the lips of the old woman... Fritz is happy for the detachment that consists of small soldiers, all of whom are courageous heroes. Or Clara? Of course, Clara takes a hero as well. Her hero is a wonderful Nutcracker. The prince of the dreams… Such a joyful, exciting and wonderful night that even the old people are dancing as if reversing to their youth upon remembering their youth times. Drosselmeyer is tired and exhausted. He gets up the stairs to rest and sleep that he deserves. Oh! The effect of wine... It is late. The farewells start. Have a good night, happy New Year! Good Bye! Have a good sleep Clara.

Scene 2

Midnight Everywhere is dark. The moonlight shines mysteriously at the bottom of the Christmas tree. Is it Clara that slides quietly on the stairs? Yes! She is looking for her new friend, the Nutcracker, so that he will ensure her to have a deep and comfortable sleep by accompanying her in her sleep. It is 00.00 a.m. The indicators are showing the midnight when the invisible doors open. A mouse. Unbelievable! One more. Help! Isn't there anyone for help? Is it a ghost that appears by the stairs there? No! It is Drosselmeyer that tries to get down the stairs carefully under the light of the lantern in his hand as he has lost his sleep. Clara and Drosselmeyer get afraid when they collide with each other. Mice… The pirates consisting of an army of mice. Help! At that time, an enchanting creature gets up the couch mysteriously. A fairy that can only be seen by the people in the new year from the country of dreams. She ensures dispersion of the scare with reliable movements. And look at the room! The glittering Christmas tree grows with her. Clara sees change of her world with amazing eyes. The noises of drums and sounds of snare drums. The soldiers that we know are approaching. They are the detachment of young Fritz that move forward self-confidently with a big artillery in front of them led by Clara's Nutcracker. The swords glitter among the noises of gunpowder in the battle between the mice and soldiers. The pirates seem to control it at one time upon the provocations of Rotteriz, the King and Leader of Mice. But Clara under the protective magic of the Fairy of New Year and Nutcracker, her hero general, succeed in pushing away the gang of evils. A great victory. The smoke disperses slowly. Nutcracker, the prince, her hero and congenial companion created by the secret desires and fantasies of Clara appears to accompany Clara in the country of peace and good dreams.

Act 2

A winter's tale Clara flies instantaneously among the particles of snow flying in the air. They reach the world where all desires come true by flying through a glittering winter forest. She is accompanied by the fairy of goodness. Flight of stars The moon is revolving around itself as if there is nothing. Well! Can you see Clara flying in the starry sky behind the clouds? With the whole youth and beauty on the sledge that takes her to the country of miracles. Spring The world glitters with a happy expectation. Clara is among the toreros that surround the seniorities that they feel admiration. Is it the beginning of an exciting bullfight? Clara will witness the sunset in the desert of Egypt in the twinkling of an eye. She will meet Mandarins and Kazakhs. Isn't this a desire for living? What the deficient is only the delicious things that can be gobbled by the mean time. Oh my God! Everything is complicated as if in a circus. There is Clara and her prince, the Nutcracker, with an extremely happy appearance among the flowers dancing in enthusiasm and peace in the middle of an eternal pasture covered with flowers. A magic that blossoms continues to be efficient in the dream. The fairy is driven to this unique garden under her kingdom with the overall grandeur. The time and place are forgotten. The magnificent couple in a great enthusiasm begs for the smell of elegance and attractiveness. Even the most beautiful dream must have an end. The good fairy knows that is true. Clara wakes up from her sleep. She has Nutcracker in her hand. What a great Christmas Night! Is it all a dream? The Christmas Tress is there, and that is the stairs. The old woman that gets up the couch knows the message of the holy night and the magic of being in peace. So it was. Well, will it be the same all the time? If the dreams are true, do you know what the truth is?