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Devlet Opera ve Bale



The Lieutenant Pinkerton of the United State Navy, on duty in Japan, will marry with Butterfly, a geisha, known as Ciò Ciò San. Sharpless, The United State Consul notices that Pinkerton doesn’t take seriously this marriage as well as Butterfly than he tries to dissuade him but he cannot succeed. Butterfly and Pinkerton marries in a wedding ceremony planed by matchmaker Goro. Ciò Ciò San is now Butterfly. Butterfly is ready to devote herself to Pinkerton and she secretly converts from her religion to Christianity one day before her marriage. Bonzo, the priest uncle of Butterfly comes to wedding ceremony than declares the truth to everyone and he condemns her. Madama Butterfly who is refused by all her relatives, finds peace with Pinkerton’s love although she is very sad.


It has been long time since Pinkerton has gone from Nagasaki and he has promised to come back. Madama Butterfly is still waiting his return with her maid Suzuki. The Consul Sharpless and Suzuki want to convince her not to wait for Pinkerton but Madama Butterfly doesn’t listen to them. After Pinkerton’s departure, Butterfly finds out that she is pregnant soon she gives birth to a boy and she believes that Pinkerton will return. After three years the cannon fire from the Harbor of Nagasaki announces the arrival of Pinkerton’s ship, Abraham Lincoln, which will change everything for Madama Butterfly who never gives up waiting for Pinkerton.