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Devlet Opera ve Bale


A survey had been conducted among children and they had been asked 'What is magic?', and most of them defined magic as a mystic thing that brings in happiness. Thus we decided to tell them about a magical world that they do not know about and that will make them happy. As a matter of fact this is a magical world that we visit either when we are happy or when we are sad; and we sometimes visit it without thinking of anything. Music is there in a way, at the life of each one of us. Our purpose is to introduce the polyphonic music to the children and make them love the universal music, opera, and ballet. This is where we started from, and tried to explain our children the magical world of opera, ballet, and classical music with the aim to make them the musicians and the audiences of the future by leaving a little trace at their brilliant minds what is the universal music and how can it make us happy with a magical power.